Blm Communitization Agreement Search

BLM Communitization Agreement Search: What You Need to Know

BLM, or the Bureau of Land Management, is a government agency responsible for managing public lands in the United States. When it comes to oil and gas development on public lands, BLM requires companies to enter into communitization agreements. But what exactly is a communitization agreement, and how can you search for them?

What is a Communitization Agreement?

A communitization agreement (CA) is a legal contract between two or more oil and gas leaseholders and/or operators that allows them to develop a single pool of oil and gas, rather than drilling multiple wells on their individual leases. This process is used when a common source of oil and gas reservoirs crosses lease or unit boundaries.

In other words, when multiple companies own different parts of a single oil or gas reservoir that stretches across numerous lease or unit boundaries, a communitization agreement can be used to allow them to work together to extract the resources more efficiently. A CA gives the BLM jurisdiction to approve the agreement, ensuring that all parties involved are operating in accordance with public interest.

Why Search for Communitization Agreements?

If you`re in the oil and gas industry, searching for BLM communitization agreements can help you understand which companies are working together to develop the same resources. This can be helpful in determining areas of opportunity or potential obstacles to development.

Additionally, searching for communitization agreements can provide insight into a company’s leasehold and unit structures. By analyzing the location of agreements, you can gain an understanding of where companies may hold significant acreage positions and where they are actively drilling.

How to Search for Communitization Agreements

The BLM maintains a searchable database of communitization agreements on its website. The database is called the “Communitization Agreement Query System,” or CAQS. This system allows users to search for agreements by state, county, lease number, operator, and more.

To use CAQS, simply visit the BLM website and navigate to the “Energy” tab. From there, click on “National Operations Center” and then “Communitization Agreement Query System” to access the search database.

Once you`re on the CAQS homepage, you can select your search criteria to narrow down the results. You can also use the map feature to visually identify active communitization agreements by location. The results will provide you with information on the lease number, operator name, effective date, and expiration date of the agreement.

In conclusion, BLM communitization agreements can provide valuable information for those in the oil and gas industry. By understanding what a CA is and how to search for them, you can gain a better understanding of which companies are working together to develop oil and gas resources. This information can be used to identify opportunities and potential obstacles to development, making it an essential tool for anyone involved in the industry.


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